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Whether you are about to publish your first book or already a known author, having a catchy author website is critical for many reasons. At Book Publisher llc, our experts first get to know each client's requirements, so we can create a user-friendly and engaging author website – just the way you want.

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Why Is It Important to Have an Author Website?

Higher Profit Margins

One of the advantages of writers getting their own website is selling their books directly to fans. For the publishers, this will boost profits. Selling a book on the author's website gives the writer the most generous profit margin. For writers, this can be a profitable investment. Selling books through other channels reduces the share of profit. Published writers can buy their books from the publisher from their own website with higher profits when they self-publish and sell them online.

Speaking Engagements and Advertise Events

Websites of writers may be one of the most productive ways to advertise the author's activities, speaking engagements, and other live appearances, such as seminars or workshops. Writers who regularly give lectures will dramatically benefit from their own website. This is particularly true for writers and authors who teach classes on a specific subject or provide coaching. An author's website can be a great tool for promoting the author's writing and related services.

Promotes New and Ongoing projects

With a website for the author, authors may have a dedicated website specifically designed to promote future works. Through their own website, writers can quickly promote their forthcoming new book or project to their fans. Collect email addresses from people who, when the book becomes available, want to be informed. By selling copies of their next book before it's even published, writers may even have pre-orders on their own website.


Victoria Schwab said, "Overnight success is almost always a myth. Half of this industry is luck, and half is the refusal to quit"

So, what are you thinking? Get in touch with us, and our creative heads will come up with the best, customized author website for you.

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The basis of any book marketing plan is your website. That's where all the other aspects of book marketing come together, and it's where the author's platform takes shape. Your author's website can be used to advertise your books, convey your personality, establish your brand, grow subscriber lists, and give awesome extra content for your books. In addition, your website serves as a portal for your readers to learn more about you and your book while also allowing you to develop a particular relationship with them.
Professional website design services are always responsive. They should respond to their clients clearly and efficiently, completely explaining the solutions to their questions. It's also a valuable skill to be able to improvise when necessary. Another key trait of author website design services is keeping the author up to date on all aspects of their website, such as visitor information, traffic, etc. Finally, a professional author website design service should deliver the same level of service as they charge.
Every best author's website begins with a biographical sketch of the author. Depending on the author's inclination, a brief biography is typically included as well. The following section consists of presenting their library of books, both those that have been published and those that are currently being published. The next step is to include relevant contact information so that potential clients can contact you with their questions. Aside from these necessities, an author's website frequently contains fascinating blog articles, newsletter sign-ups, and SEO-rich content.
Yes, of course! We are website designers, and it's our duty to offer your site a fresh new outlook. Hire a professional designer from Book Publisher llc to revamp or redesign an author's website if you aren't getting the recognition you need. You could wish to get the other author's website design package to increase mobile optimization and friendliness, site design, content flow, and structure, or come up with new approaches to raise your subscriptions.